Love Takes Over

A Page-by-page Novel by Scott Lockhart

Love Takes Over

A Page-by-page Novel by Scott Lockhart

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To all lovers out there, to all who have truly, deeply loved, to you who faced your deepest fears and have let love take over. Continue Reading


A contemporary American love story set in the French Quarter of New Orleans and the Louisiana delta, with Jim and Maggie and their daughter Layla, along with their two Labrador Retrievers, Jake and Buster, and the colorful and often exotic and mysterious characters and places found in New Orleans and the Deep South, “Love Takes… Continue Reading

Chapter 1

It had been a long day, a very long day, but now, driving east on Interstate 10, I felt relieved that you were finally talking, talking about your past and how quickly our lives were slipping away. I noticed that the tension in the truck was not as suffocating and I noticed my hands relaxing… Continue Reading

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Chapter 2

Maggie and I first met in 1974 in New Orleans. We were both 25. I was just graduating from Tulane law school and Maggie had just become a registered nurse. She was in town for the weekend, celebrating with her girlfriends. I had been living in New Orleans for two years attending law school. I… Continue Reading

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Chapter 3

Sunday mornings are always special. We love waking up to the church bells that ring out over the French Quarter, and then there are the fresh croissants and pastries from the bakery below, not a bad way to start the day. Maggie was still in the shower as I made fresh coffee in the press… Continue Reading

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Chapter 4

We spent the rest of the evening in silence. Both Maggie and I knew we were sharing an awareness that something strange and wonderful was happening in our lives. I wasn’t sure if I could even put it into words but as we walked slowly together through the dark streets of “The Quarter” I felt… Continue Reading

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Chapter 5

Thankfully, hailing a cab in New Orleans is pretty easy and in no time we were back at the apartment. I noticed Maggie’s breathing was labored as we climbed the stairs. She kept gasping, then she said as she gripped my hand, “Baby, I think we need to call Dr. Henderson. It feels like Layla… Continue Reading

Chapter 6

As soon as Mama left, Maggie and I knew this was going to be our last chance for a home birth. The hospital had already called to notify us that surgery was scheduled in three days, so with that Maggie and I waited all day in anticipation of bedtime. Neither one of us were talking… Continue Reading

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Chapter 7

Having a baby changes everything. There is no way anyone can prepare you for the changes that come. Oh sure, people try to tell you, your friends with kids tell you. But until you’ve actually had your first child, there’s no way to fully understand how big the changes are. Like sleep deprivation for one,… Continue Reading

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Chapter 8

When a big change comes, like having a baby or getting married or experiencing the death of a loved one or a big move, it always brings new challenges and also new joys and unexpected outcomes. But nothing in my life so far could be compared to what was happening with Layla and Maggie and… Continue Reading

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Chapter 9

The week flew by. I always looked forward to the weekends because with Layla and Maggie and me in full-on householding mode it was never a dull moment. And even though it was great to have so much help from Mama’s family during the week, it was even better to have the weekends to ourselves.… Continue Reading

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Chapter 10

Life settled back into our old routines. Maggie and I were busy with Layla and our careers. We were having so much fun watching Layla grow. It was amazing that she was almost nine months old now. “Mama’s volunteers” were there performing their daily babysitting duties. They were always pleasant and kind, and very attentive… Continue Reading

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Chapter 11

The drive back to New Orleans was uneventful. Layla slept and Maggie drove and I mulled over the events of the last few days. Realizing now without a doubt that Layla was operating at some kind of mysterious level that defied explanation and was beyond my ability to understand, I was coming to the conclusion… Continue Reading

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Chapter 12

Mama cradled Layla in her arms. As Layla stirred from her long nap, Mama said, “We have got to protect this child from the world now. Her work has already begun and if the world finds out who she is, the people will come from all over just to see her. She’s just a baby.… Continue Reading

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Chapter 13

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Chapter 14

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